Des Moines Uplighting

Uplighting is the most basic, yet one of the most powerful forms of event lighting. We utilize LED technology, allowing us to match a variety of colors. All of our uplighting stays cool to the touch, doesn’t require a large amount of electricity, and will certainly transform your venue! Contact us to learn more about Des Moines Uplighting.

Drapery Uplighting

Uplighting on drapery looks phenomenal! Whether it’s just behind the head table, or around the entire room…drapery uplighting will transform a venue!

Head Table Uplighting

Uplighting your head table is a simple and affordable way to spice up your reception venue. The lighting will naturally bring the guests focus towards the head table, making you the focal point of the night! Use as few as four uplights or as many as twelve to get the desired effect! We can do head table uplighting on a solid wall or on a varieties of draperies / backdrops.

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